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CRC Fundraiser adds $500 to Scholarship Fund

Mar 07, 2013

Dear CRC,

As proud friends & supporters of the Coastside Run Club, a small group of running and hiking friends gathered last Sunday in Purisima for a Spring Scavenger Hunt in honor of raising funds for your Half Moon Bay High School Scholarship Award!

We had a great turnout of seventeen adult scavengers and five junior scavengers! Our group was divided into teams depending on distance they wanted to travel. (The "Summit Seekers" and the "Bridge Bounders" ran ten or seven mile loops. The "Slug Spotters" and "Fern Finders" hiked seven or four mile loops.)

Because we did not want to disturb life on the mountain, all Scavenger Hunt lists were comprised of either answering facts about the canyon, or things to be spotted and then checked off the list.

A few fun items from our list...

-The porta potty is located 610 feet above sea level.

-Borden Hatch trail is named after the two companies that logged the forest in the late 1800s, early 1900s.

-Purisima is a second growth forest, about 100 years old.

-Banana slugs eat berries, decomposed leaves, and animal droppings, but their favorite food is mushrooms.

-The teams counted bridges and even had to sing a verse from "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on the 2nd bridge.

-They needed to count the steps on Craig Britton (12) and lay down and look at the sky while writing down the first ten words that came to mind. (Depending on how tired people were at this point, the answers varied greatly and were entertaining to read.)

-They found a dedication to L. Craig Britton on a bench and finished his quote "They aren't making any more land...."

-They also found a "ring of fairies" also known as a "family" of trees (the shoots of a new tree growing off an older one) and wrote down the mile they were at.

-The ten miler group had to spot two land marks from the view from the top of the mountain, as well as collect a sheet of TP from the upper parking lot bathroom and write "Victory" on it!

The kid's adventures were closer to the parking lot, including heading down to the water to find a "wishing rock," as well as a stick that was longer than their shoe! Of course, everyone came back wet! As they should!!

ALL teams (big and small) traveled in packs and needed to spot TEN banana slugs or ONE pair of mating slugs. When a banana slug was spotted, the spotter would then shout "Hail to the banana slug" and the group would shout in reply "long live the slug!"

Yes, it was a perfectly ridiculous Scavenger Hunt, and we had a great time!! But not only did we have a great time, we raised $500.00 for the CRC Scholarship Fund!! Hooray! 

All photos are up on the CRC Facebook page!

Way to go, CRC, on your efforts to raise money for such a great cause! We were proud to get behind you!


Kristin Steadman


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Kristin Steadman

Empowered Fitness Instructor, Passionate Runner, Wife, Mother, and Dendritus of Purisima.

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